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Morning All,

I would like to create an appendix or reference document that lists all of the sheets currently in use on our account.

The idea is then to have the all the information about that sheet per row containing Sheet name, hyper link to the sheet, sheet owner, editors, viewers, created date and if possible the last time it was saved or updated.

I can go about setting this up by myself and can do most of these columns but I wondered if any one had any tips on doing this before I start from scratch. In particular how would i get it to show the last saved date and add any changes in the rights columns.

Thanks Rob.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Rob Barker

    If you are a System Admin for a Business or Enterprise plan, you can download a Sheet Access Report at any time from the Admin Center (see: Admin Center: Bulk Actions and More with User Management)

    This Sheet Access Report will download a CSV file listing all the sheets in your organization, the sheet owner, the sharing levels of the collaborators, and the last modified date.

    If you want to bring that back in to Smartsheet you can Import the file to create a new sheet, then add your hyperlinks etc. Keep in mind that this report will identify all sheets in your account, whether or not you are shared to them. You will need to contact the sheet owner for the URL if you are not shared to that item.

    If you're on an Enterprise plan, another option you may want to look into is the Event Reporting add-on (see here).



  • Thanks @Genevieve P. ,

    This kind of helps but doesn't answer or complete what I'm after.

    I want to use a live data sheet as part of our QMS. I'm guessing this isn't available but thanks for your help.

    Cheers Rob