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Hi, I am new to Smartsheets. We've been using Jira and now our company have decided to stop using Jira and start using smartsheets. I am trying to search a way of creating our existing jira boards in smartsheets and stop using Jira after that. I found this connector that integrates Smartsheets with Jira but I am looking for a migration rather than a integration. would anyone be able to help me with this please?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @SmJoe

    I don't personally have experience migrating data out of Jira, however if you can export your information into Excel or CSV files, then you could import that data into Smartsheet from there (see: Import Files to Create New Sheets).

    There are a number of free Webinars you may find useful as you get started in Smartsheet! See the options on the left of this page, Onboarding Webinars, and this page, Best Practice Webinars.

    You may also want to ask your System Admin if your company has access to the Center of Excellence, the eLearning courses.

    If none of this has helped, you may want to post in the Atlassian Community for questions on how to export data from Jira, and then feel free to post here with screen captures showing your end goal (but please block out sensitive data). We can then help you get from Step A to Step B, but it would be helpful to have examples of the data you're looking to migrate.