Calculating Duration between multiple dates

Hi! We have 6 date columns (for budget negotiations back and forth for instance). We want to calculate the duration of net days from columns 1-6, however, sometimes they may end at 3 or 4 negotiations so we need to calculate the duration from 1 to the last existing date entered between 1-6.

Any help on how to structure this would be great!


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Jlaustse

    Try this

    =NETDAYS([Column1]@row, MAX([Column2]@row, [Column3]@row, [Column4]@row, [Column5]@row, [Column6]@row))

    *If the columns are contiguous, you can simply the MAX function using [Column2]@row:[Column6]@row

    AFTER I verify the formula is working, because dates often cause errors, I wrap the entire formula in an IFERROR

    =IFERROR(NETDAYS([Column1]@row, MAX([Column2]@row, [Column3]@row, [Column4]@row, [Column5]@row, [Column6]@row)),0)