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Hi SS Community,

I have two sheets I'm trying to combine in a report. Both sheets have a column named "project name" as the primary column. I am wanting to filter the report based on one criteria from each sheet. But since the data is coming into the report as two separate rows I can only filter one or the other otherwise I filter out data I want or have data come through I want filtered out. Please see the attached screenshot.

Thanks in advance.




  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Kyle Keever

    You won't be able to apply a filter that says "AND" if you have two separate filter criteria, one for each sheet. This would automatically exclude all rows because no row would meet both criteria. You would filter one sheet based on one column, and the other sheet based on the other column (with an OR).

    I would suggest making sure both columns (with the same names) are present in both sheets. Then you could use a formula in the source sheet (such as an INDEX(MATCH formula) to pull data from Sheet A into Sheet B so that the same information is present on both sheets for this column and row. Then you can use that column to filter by, since the data present on both sheets. Does that make sense?

    Here's a post that explains how to write an INDEX(MATCH.



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