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Hi there,

Formulas continue to be the one area I just can't wrap my mind around. I have a sheet where I have a column called Invoice Month. The values possible for this column are:

01-Invoiced JAN 2021

02-Invoiced FEB 2021

03-Invoiced MAR 2021

04-Invoiced APR 2021

05-Invoiced MAY 2021

06-Invoiced JUN 2021

07-Invoiced JUL 2021

08-Invoiced AUG 2021

09-Invoiced SEP 2021

10-Invoiced OCT 2021

11-Invoiced NOV 2021

12-Invoiced DEC 2021

I have another column called Invoice Quarter. I want to create a formula that looks at the Invoice Month column and assigns the appropriate Invoice Quarter. So far I have:

=IF([Invoice Month]1328 = "08-Invoiced AUG 2021", "Q3 2021")

This works well for just one month, but I am stuck on how to add the other options. For example, if an Invoice Month is JUL, AUG or SEP the result returned in the Invoice Quarter column should be Q3 2021. But if the Invoice Month is JAN, FEB or MAR, the result returned in the Invoice Quarter column should be Q1 2021.

I've tried the OR function, but I keep getting incorrect argument or unparsable errors.

Many thanks for any advice!



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