Formula - Extra help w/ a COUNTIFs formula that takes into account when booking from same location


I have a smartsheet that calculates the cost of equipment when its being booked by a garage.

Everything is working well, except my formula is calculating the cost when the equipment is booked by the same garage.

Example shown below:

Equipment: Bobcat Wooster is being booked by the garage called "Wooster". So in this case the transportation cost should be zero. It should be zero because the equipment is booked by the same garage. So there is no transportation cost in this case.

I believe my problem is coming from the column "Count Times Booked by Different District".

The formula for that column is the following:

=COUNTIFS({Equipment}, EQUIPMENT@row, {Status}, "Booking", {Approval Status}, "Approved", {Home Base = Request Garage}, 0)

I'm wondering how can I rewrite this formula to have it equal a "0" instead of a "1" when the equipment is booked by the same garage.



  • mbsamuel6
    mbsamuel6 ✭✭✭✭

    Disregard, I believe I found the issue and solution. The column I was referencing named "Home Base = Request Garage" was missing its formula that auto checks a box. This was being done on another sheet.

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