Have Smartsheet permissions changed?

In our organization, people who had previously been listed as "Editor - Can Share" who could save a copy of a sheet, make edits to a form, etc. can no longer do so even though their permission level has not changed. Not it seems they have to be an "Admin" in order to do any of those things. Is this happening to other folks? Did something change recently? Is there a way to give someone rights to edit / save / etc. without making them an admin?


  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Lydia

    Hope you are fine, Edit permission for licensed users is enough for ( View all sheet data, including comments, Edit unlocked rows and columns in a sheet, Move rows within a sheet, Move rows to another sheet, Delete unlocked rows, Enable or disable Highlight Changes in a sheet or report, Export a sheet or report, Save changes after sorting rows or freezing columns, Add new attachments and comments in a sheet or report, Download attachments in a sheet or report, Filter data in sheets with the "Unnamed Filter", Name filters to save them, Apply saved filters (not available in single-user plan types), Use the Save as New command to save the sheet as a new sheet*,Save a sheet as a template*)

    So please check maybe one of your system admin remove the license of this user and made him as Collaborator.

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