I need to determine if a date column is blank then it returns a message

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I want help with a formula to return a message that says met goal if the date is blank or did not meet if the date is populated. I tried this formula but it is not working it returns #Unparseable

=IF(ISDATE([Request Intake Range 9]1:[Request Intake Range 9]22), "met goal", "did not meet")

So essentially I want to say if the cell has a date populated then this message will be shown

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  • Tim Shaded
    Tim Shaded ✭✭✭✭


    This could be done, but there are a couple caveats.

    • Date columns cannot hold a formula. The formula will have to be on another column for that row and could be even converted to be Column Formula.
    • The actual column were the date is supposed to be entered would be best to limit to dates only. This can be done through properties on that column with a checkmark "Restrict to dates only".

    Assuming that the values need to be checked per row, the below formula should work to provide the desired effect:

    =IF([Request Intake Range 9]@row = "", "did not meet", "met goal")

  • HFletcher

    Thank you! Its actually for a metrics sheet that is referencing another table so hopefully this yields what I want. It's for a summary

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