Can you send completed forms with attachments to other parties?



Myself and my legal team are fairly new to Smartsheets. So far, we use the tool to track our active matters as well as to manage requests for contract review.


My question relates to a form we have set up for contract review. We wish to send the submitted answers (as a rendered report), as well as document/s attached to the form, to specific contacts in the company for them to review it. We wish for this to be an automated process – i.e. when the contact’s email address is recorded in the form, and the form is submitted, the answers/attached document/s are forwarded to the contact’s inbox.


I’ve done a bit of research on how to set up automated alerts to specific contacts (e.g. based on this video tutorial), however I have only been able to find options to send an alert that (i) provides a link to the entire contracts spreadsheet (as opposed to one row/one form) or (ii) a customised message with no attachment.


To summarise: we want to be able to send company contacts an email with the content of a single row (based on the answers from the form) and the document/s attached to the form. Does anybody know if this option is available?