Smartsheets Automation Workflow Question


Hello Smartsheets Community,

I am having an issue getting an workflow automation to run completely. High level, someone fills out a form and submits it. The order of the workflow is as such:

  1. The workflow is triggered based on when the requestor is filled in.
  2. Next, there is a condition that states if the director name is not blank and, directors email address is not blank then....
  3. Request an update sent to directors email address. The director reviews the submitted form and checks a box that he/she has reviewed the submission.
  4. The next condition after step three is where the CapEx Grand Total is between 0.00 - 49999.99 and where the director reviewed capex is check
  5. Request an updated from the requested by email address. The requestor who submitted the request is prompted to fill in his/her department VP and the VP of Finance. Once that request is done, it triggers the approval process. Which is the department VP approves and then the VP of Finance.

When I try testing out the automated workflow, I can get all the way through step three. I never receive the update request to populate the department VP and VP of Finance. I was wondering is the workflow not coming back to me because I am the one who submitted the request? I have attached a PDF of the workflow to get a better understanding. Any help to figure this out would be greatly appreciated as I have spent hours racking my brain on why this isn't working.

I am really looking forward to hearing back from someone soon!


Anthony D'Ambrosio

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