Can you add an existing (non summary) field to a summary report?



I am trying to add some fields from an existing sheet that were not setup as summary fields but columns. Can these be added to a summary report? When I create a report referencing the sheet I want I only get the following 4 options for columns; Created, Created By, Modified, and Modified by.

When looking at the option to add a summary field I saw the below option, is it possible just the fields are locked? Or what would this function highlighted yellow do?


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    The "Sheet Summary" is an area of the sheet which acts as a sort of tab you can open up to store additional information outside of the grid (or rows).

    You can create calculations here, like a COUNTIF formula:

    If you have a number of fields built out on this area of the sheet, you can use the "Unlock all fields" option to quickly allow all fields to be editable. It's referring specifically to the Sheet Summary fields being locked or unlocked, not any of the columns or rows in the Grid:

    Does that make sense?

    It sounds like you're looking to create a Report from the actual columns and rows in the Grid of your sheet. Is that correct? If so, you'll want to create a Row Report. This will look at the rows in your sheet.

    The Sheet Summary Report only pulls system columns or fields from this Sheet Summary Tab. In my instance, this would be the System Columns, and two fields: "Green Status" and "Red Status".

    It currently isn't possible to combine fields from the Sheet Summary section of a sheet and data from the Rows and Columns of a sheet into one single report - they each have a different type of report.

    See these articles for more information:

    Let me know if you still have any questions about this!