Slack notification from automation workflow omits custom message when trigger matches 2 or more rows


Recently observed an odd behavior with my automation workflow that sends a custom alert message to a Slack channel. The trigger is based on today's date and 2 simple conditions. If those conditions match, then a customized message is sent to the Slack channel. The alert is run once a day at 1am.

This works perfectly when one row matches that day's date. However, when two rows match, I only get the designated column info displayed in the Slack channel, but NOT the customized message.

Anyone know why?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Win LeDinh

    This is currently by design, please see this Help Center article: Receive Alerts and Requests in Slack

    For an alert or request based on multiple rows, you’ll see a summary notification:

    • Notifications only: the kind of change (new rows, updated rows)
    • Number of rows involved in the alert or request

    Please let our Product Team know about your feedback on this feature by filling in this form, here.



  • Win LeDinh

    Thank you Genevieve for your reply. Even though the behavior is by design, I feel that the custom message should still be appear in Slack since all rows match the condition and that message is relevant and useful to the user. For example, in my case I am providing a warning message to the users, but since that warning message doesn't appear in Slack along with the multiple row information, then the Slack message is only half effective and doesn't serve its purpose since most of the Slack triggers happen when more than 1 rows match.

    I shall provide my feedback to the Product Team via the link you had provided. Thank you again!

  • asmith18

    I am experiencing the same issue mentioned above. I understand it is by design. How, then, do I create a workflow that will post a custom message in Slack if there are blank rows in the next "X" number of days. I have the workflow set up properly: when a date is reached (daily starting today); condition: where the date is in the next 4 days and rows x, y or z are blank, post a message in Slack.

    The message is not posting and it seems it is because there are multiple rows that are blank in the next 4 days. If this is by design, how can I create a workflow that serves this purpose?