COUNTIF with multiple select dropdown column

Del Horne
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This has me going mad! 🤬🤣

I have a sheet reference "Business Area" which has a column type of dropdown multi-select. I'm then using a COUNTIF on specific values to compile a metric sheet.

This is counting fine where the dropdown has "C" and "E" selected:

=COUNTIF({Business Area}, @cell = "C" + CHAR(10) + "E")

However, when "iP" and "S" are selected the COUNTIF returns 0 which I know is not the case:

=COUNTIF({Business Area}, @cell = "iP" + CHAR(10) + "S")

If I count the "iP" and "S" separately all is fine, it's only when I try to count as combined selected values...

Any thoughts please?



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