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I am running a helpdesk in Smartsheet and am trying to autopopulate 'ticket closed' fields for Year, Month, and Week according to a 'date closed' field. E.g. YYYY column: =IFERROR(YEAR([Date Closed]@row), "TBC"). Once a ticket is closed, the YYYY cell should display '2021'.


The sheet is a local sheet (for a local office) which is being populated from a central form, stored within and triaged via a workflow on the central sheet. I.e. if a user selects a local office, the central workflow will 'move row' to the appropriate local office's sheet, and display the ticket.


It seems that the workflow is preventing the formula from auto-filling on the local sheet, despite all other rows in the local sheet having the same formula. The workflow currently results in text appearing instead of the formula being applied, due to the added apostrophe E.g: '=IFERROR(YEAR([Date Closed]@row), "TBC").


The auto-fill works fine without the triage from one sheet to another.

Failed attempt:

I've tried using the 'change cell' workflow in the local sheet to remove the apostrophe, to no avail.

Any advice would be much appreciated!



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