How to connect Countifs with Jerarquies (Children?) with two conditions ( 100% & Dates )


Hello All, I am running this formula "=COUNTIFS([P%]:[P%], =1, [Finish date]:[Finish date], ISDATE(@cell))",

And the result is "7", and that's correct!. But now I'm attempting to run a similar formula just for a specific cell "Abstract" and " Summary".

Basically, I need the result for "Abstract" be "3" and for "Summary" "4", since both satisfy the conditions (It is 100% and has a date).

So my attempted was this...

=COUNTIFS(CHILDREN([Abstract]2), =1, CHILDREN([Abstract]2, ISDATE(@cell))

Anyways, I'm far from getting the right anwer, so any guidance would be appreciated.



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