Daily Vehicle Inventory checks

Hi. I'm trying to use the PPE Inventory Template Set to create a check-in/check out sheet of items required on the vehicle daily check-out (and note the quantity of each required item) prior to the vehicle being in operation for the day. I'm having an issue with creating a form that allows for each item to be listed and the person checking out the vehicle will enter how many items are on the vehicle to meet at least minimum par levels. 

For example, each vehicle needs to have 1 box of XL gloves, 1 AED, 3 sets of 5-lead cables, 23 4x4 gauze pads, etc. The way the inventory management form is set up, I can select the inventory item and the  quantity; however, I need ALL of the inventory items entered as well as the quantity. I can't figure out how to list the daily checked items in the form like this:

Gloves (XL) # boxes: 1

AED: 1

5-lead cable sets: 3

4x4 gauze pads: 23

Help please~