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My sheet has an "Employee Email" column, i want to reference my contact list for the available options .  The feature works out in the sheet but the same feature is not available through a form.  

So i tried out drop down list , added names and email in the column property list.

but when i tried automation(Alert someone) , i had a problem & not able to set anything cause of dropdownlist columntype

Again i changed columntype to contactlist and manually added some values (employee email address).this time forms shows the contact list values and i can do the automation(Alert someone /send to contacts in a cell/Employee Email). 

But is there any possibility to show contact list in the forms using contactlist columntype without having to manually add contacts into the column property list? Because thr is huge nr of employee emails to add ...😓

cau u pls help me out...


  • PYU
    PYU ✭✭


    Is thr any other work around? It would be really helpful

    Thank you,,

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @PYU

    Contact Lists in forms act a little different than contacts in the sheet. We have additional security measures for contact lists in forms because we don't want anyone who gets access to your form link to have access to your entire directory of contacts.

    In order for contacts to be visible in the form contact list dropdown, you must add the name in the "Values" area in the Column Properties, as you've found. Please let the Product team know of your feedback, here!



  • GBI
    GBI ✭✭

    Hi @PYU and @Genevieve P.

    Thanks for your post. I think I have a similar issue.

    To issue Project requests, I set up a form to collect all data. I need to know the person who requests and his/her manager name and these names would update My Contact list automatically (around 400 contacts). These persons will not have a Smartsheet licence

    Does this mean Smartsheet cannot do it and we have to fill up and update manually the Contact list?

    Thanks by advance


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @GBI

    I think there are two different functionalities being discussed here. One is having an email appear as an option to select in a dropdown list, the other is automatically grabbing the email address of the person filling out the form.

    1) If you want a contact to appear as an option in the dropdown list to select, then yes, that specific contact would need to be manually added to the Contact List column value.

    2) If you want the form to recognize who is filling it out and automatically grab the email, then in this case you can set the form permissions to ask users to log in to Smartsheet before they fill out the form. The users won't need to have a Smartsheet license, but they will need to have a Smartsheet account to log in (this can be a free account). Then you can add a System Created By Column to the sheet and it will tell you who added the row!

    In both of these cases, the emails won't automatically be added to your "My Smartsheet Contacts", though they will be added to a Contact column, specific to that sheet. Does that help?



  • franksmits

    Option 1. Adding contacts manually.

    Can I do that in bulk? Copy and paste does not seem to work.



  • a.antuzzi

    Same problem here: can I massively add the contacts?