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Just wanting to check if there's a way of bulk removing of Smartsheet users? I know you can bulk upload contacts/users into Smartsheet but need to know if you can do the same by removing. The reason for this is to avoid a long winded manual audit.

In addition, is there a way of linking your Smartsheet account users with your company Active Directory, so this process becomes automated/streamlined?

Any guidance here will be much appreciated

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  • Genevieve P.Genevieve P. admin
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    Hi @SteCoxy

    There currently isn't a way of bulk-removing Smartsheet users from your plan at one time. (Please provide your feedback to the Product team, here!)

    Yes, depending on your account set-up, you can link your Smartsheet to your company's Active Directory. I would recommend reaching out to your organization's Smartsheet contact to help set this up, see: Manage Smartsheet Users Through Azure Active Directory



  • SteCoxySteCoxy ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Genevieve

    That's really useful thank you. Regarding linking up Smartsheet with my copmany's AD, would this mean that any accounts that have been disabled would also auto-disable their associated Smartsheet accounts? I'm particularly considering this from an auditing perspective, which would make the process hopefully somewhat less manually exhaustive. Also, from a perspective of "Connected Users" that are associated with Smartsheet Advance.

  • Hi @SteCoxy

    Yes, you can de-provision users through your company's AD and this should remove them from your company's Smartsheet plan. I believe it removes them from sharing as well, so any owned items go to the escrow account by default. This means that if the user is able to log into Smartsheet in the future, they would see an empty, free account.

    I would suggest discussing these details with your Smartsheet account representative so they can walk through the different outcomes with you. If you're not sure who this is, let me know and I'll message you privately with their contact details.



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