My pie chart doesn't show correct percentages


I have a chart and created a summary sheet. Then I have a report based on the summary sheets. These are all shown on my dashboard. All numbers and configured correctly. I have a total of 2759 lines and 1412 are complete. I can create a pie chart base on this information but if I choose percentage the percent is incorrect. It is saying that 1412 is 34% of 2759 which is incorrect. It is 51%. What am I missing?

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  • Lidiya S.
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    Yes, there is! In your report you are using the total articles and the completed articles for the pie chart. You should use completed articles and not-completed articles in the report for the pie chart.

    Your non completed articles should always be (total-completed).

    Below I used:

    Completed = 5
    Not Completed = 10
    Total = 15


    Lidiya Shutaya