Smartsheet Document Builder Mapping for checklist

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Please advise how to map the column in the document builder in Smartsheet where the column is a multi select drop-down. Where I have a pdf document that have a checklist and it will be checked based on the selected dropdown.


  • Hi @Kristian Dangculos

    Document Builder can map one field in Smartsheet to one field in your PDF. This means that you can map the one cell that says "A, B, C" to one field in the PDF so "A, B, C" shows up, but it isn't able to parse out the individual selections in one cell to equal individual fields in the PDF. Does that make sense? (See: Document Builder: Map Columns to Your Fillable PDF)

    You could add in helper columns in your source sheet to parse out this information. Depending on the number of multiple choice options, you would set up one checkbox column per-selection in your sheet, then use an IF statement to see if the cell has this selection, check the box. Then you can map that specific column to the checklist in your document.

    Let me know if you'd like to see screen captures of this, or if this will work for you.



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