SmartSheet form configuration help ASAP

How would you configure this in Smartsheets when you enter the OTB number the output form will retrieve only the information on the specific row of that particular OTB number you entered in based on the excel sheet I imported . Please refer to the screenshot and excel sheet and help me out on how to do this in Smartsheets


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    Hi @AJ Sawant

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    I recently developed a fairly advanced solution for a client where they selected options in a form submitted, and that would open a Dashboard with the selected information.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Please explain to me step by step on how to do this in Smartsheets. The two user stories I need help with. Please refer to the image and excel

    1) User story one: How do I do this step by step by when you enter in Please enter the OTB number it will show row specific data only pertaining to the specific OTB number entered in as per the excel sheet

    2) User story 2. How would this be done step by step when after selecting the fiscal year and fiscal quarter then show the OTB's associated with that particular fiscal quarter

    Please help me on this