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Hi All. I have a column of data that is strictly numbers. I am trying to build a formula to look for duplicates and also at the same time not count any blanks in the column. The normal formula i would use for this is =COUNTIFS([Column Name]:[Column Name],AND(@cell = [Column Name]@row, ISNUMBER(@cell))). However some of the data in the column starts with a 0 and my formula is not counting these. If I change it to =COUNTIFS([Column Name]:[Column Name],AND(@cell = [Column Name]@row, ISTEXT(@cell))) then it will count the one that starts with a 0 but not the ones that start with 1. I read somewhere that changing the column type to a Contact List will solve this but that doesn't seem to work (when I use either formula). Since this column will be writing back to Salesforce I don't want to just have people not use the leading 0. Any help would be appreciated.


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