Aggregate Status Circles w/ Formula

Hi, I have these multiple statuses across 4 projects (each project is one of the rows) within 1 program and I want to be able to incorporate a formula where I can summarize all of these to a single row with the same columns in a separate sheet to present at the program level.

Formula to say: If there's at least 1 yellow ball in the Overall column, produce yellow ball. If every status circle in the respective column is green, produce a green ball. If there's at least 1 red ball in a column, the roll up view should produce a red ball.

I saw this formula on another column, but don't think I need the 'CHILDREN' part of the formula so not sure how to accommodate to my ask. IF(COUNTIF(CHILDREN([your RYG ball]@row), "Green") = COUNT(CHILDREN([your primary column]@row)), "Green", IF(COUNTIF(CHILDREN([your RYG ball]@row), "Red") > 0, "Red", "Yellow"))

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