I need to calculate past due items with 2 column dates



I need to create a formula that help me to calculate the past due items but using to columns with dates. One is the the first column with the "Expected closure date". This will be the primary column to check or validate. But we have another one called "Amended closure date", that will have another date that probably will tell us that it is not an item that it is past due. Then we need to check both columns and validate if it is past due. The amended closure date could be in blank. The formula that i have at this moment just to calculate the past due with the expected closure date is this one and it is working fine, but i don't know how to include a new criteria to validate the second column "Amended closure date".

Thanks in advance for anyone help

Actual formula

=IF(COUNTIFS({What is it?}, "Risk", {Severity}, "Sev 1", {Expected Closure Date}, <TODAY()) > 0, COUNTIFS({What is it?}, "Risk", {Severity}, "Sev 1", {Expected Closure Date}, <TODAY()))


See that the formula was build to leave in blank the cell if it is 0, that is because all the data will help me to create a chart in a Dashboard


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