Setting up date Regional format for enterprise account


I'm managing an enterprise account with people in different part of the world. I also have Control Center to collate and generate project information. I've set-up my sheets template in CC to manage date in the European format DD/MM/YY or DD-MMM-YYYY. I'm using the VALUE formula to generate a date (DD-MMM-YYYY) linked to my metadata (I won't go into the details but I haven't found any other way to handle cell link date in a text column) The challenge is that if someone in the US is looking at the sheet the date format will be displayed MM/DD/YY and therefore the formula won't work or will display the wrong date. (i.e. 01 Dec 2021 will be shown as 12/01/21 in the US and the sheet will report the date as 12 Jan 2021!).

Is there a possibility to set-up the date format for the whole enterprise account or do I have to ask every individual to change it in their personal setting? thank you,