Pivots and Scatter

Hi all,

I"m hoping to get more ideas on how to best display my data. I track headcount and hiring for my team, I have created a column that will provide me with the age of the role (how long the role has been "open" for, in days). Because I run multiple portfolios, I set up a pivot that breaks down each Portfolio and the ages they have for roles- this is the data I use in each dashboard.

The issue: every time the pivot updates, if the size of the data exceeds my original selection in the scatter chart, I have to go back in reselect the data and format the chart as I had it before.

I'm transitioning this project by October, so it can't be such a complicated set up that the person I'm handing off to can't understand (let's presume they have no knowledge of smartsheet).

What are better methods of charting this data (needs to stay a scatter chart though)?

Thanks for the ideas!!