sending tasks from one smarsheet to another

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Hi all, I use a smartheet to receive inputs, considered as a task, with a form. when the team fill the form, it became a line in my worksheet. I have to check this tasks and if I consider I have all inforation is goodand the task shoudl be exectued, I woul like to click in a cell and this line sould be updated, or mirrored or pulled to another smartsheet . the other smarsheet will be used by the executers to receive all necessary information to execute the task and to input the results of the tasks. in the second smarsheet , when the task has been executed and all the task results are input , this information shall be sent in the same way to the first smartsheet .

Can you help me :)

thanks , Paulo


  • MCorbin
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    There are a few ways you could do this.

    The least complicated (probably), would be to :

    1) In your input sheet, add a column (check box?) where you can indicate that you've completed your check and all items are there.

    2) Create Automation that copies that row to the 2nd sheet, triggered when your box is checked.

    3) Create a column in your Input sheet with a formula that looks up the status of the task in the 2nd sheet

    -- this assumes that you have a unique identifier for each task

    -- it assumes that you have a column in the 2nd sheet that indicates the status (In Progress, Closed).

    As the status is updated in the 2nd sheet, the formula will update the value in your Input sheet so that you can see the status