Starting a New Blueprint from Scratch - Does anyone have Documentation/Best Practices?

MCorbin Overachievers Alumni
edited 09/12/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

I just found out that we're getting Advance Platinum Tier with our renewal (Yay!) which means I'll be getting unlimited blueprints (Yay!).... We currently only have 1, and we had consultants who set it up for us and minimal documentation - which means I'm a tad intimidated by starting from scratch (eek!)

Does anyone have a "Creating a New Blueprint" checklist?

I can reverse engineer what we've got, but I'm thinking it would be a lot less stressful if someone has something I can start with that you'd be willing to share....

I've already got our Project/Portfolio Management solution, so my blueprints will be along the lines of other solutions such as Time Reporting, Team/Department Dashboards, Phone/Email metrics, etc.

Everything I see in the Help areas is very Project Management driven - so any tips for launching non-project related blueprints would be awesome!