How do I identify the cell in a column that has a value NOT in the restricted list?


How do I find the offending cell?

I imported an excel spreadsheet to a smartsheet.

I converted a list of names column to a Contact column

I manually created these people in My Contacts and converted the imported text to Contacts.

I check the box to "restrict to list values only"

I get this message:

How do I find the offending cell?


  • Karen M
    Karen M ✭✭

    Create a filter on the Contacts Column and compare it to what you imported you should be able to select the one not in your list you imported. Hopefully it will stand out easily.

  • Pam Grant

    Hi Karen

    Unfortunately, I imported a few hundred lines where the same names appear multiple times. It does not easily stand out. I was hoping there was a smarter way to identify the cells with non-compliant content than to export and "eyeball" or vlookup the list. Perhaps this is an enhancement request.