Howto Save a Filter with a Column of data that is Summarized


I use Smartsheet to track construction jobs in columns listed by Type of Job, Year, Contract Amount and other characteristics. Filters have been created to display jobs by  

- specific type of work involved 

- year of bid submitted

- status of bid

 I am able to summarize the filtered column for the Contract Amount but am unable to save this filter to/as a new sheet with the calculated summary intact.

When a column of Contract Amounts is summarized, the cell containing the total does not carry over to the new file

I need to calculate (and later show graphically) the percentage of jobs bid vs awarded based on the amounts by certain filter.

Appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how this can be done.

Thank you.




  • Sean Morgan

    Hey @cynthiam

    So currently, filtered out data from a Sheet Filter will always carry over when using Save as New. This is a great idea though, so you may wish to raise an Enhancement Request using the Hamburger Menu in the top left of this page.

    If you'd like to Summarize and show only specific data, you may wish to use a Report. A Report is essentially a Sheet Filter, but with added options of Summarizing and Grouping. More on this can be seen here:

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



  • cynthiam

    when I create a filter and invoke the Sum command to summarize the data in the column, it does not render a total of the cells in the filter.

    It renders a total of ALL the (underlying included) cells in the column.

    Please advise.