Remove or Suppress Blank Rows in Report

Hello. I have a report that is displaying 15-20 rows of data (will never exceed 25 rows). The problem is that the report appears to default to showing 50 rows regardless of the data. As a result, in the current state, there will always be between 25 to 35 blank rows on this report. I am looking to use this report on a dashboard and would prefer that the expected 25-35 blank rows NOT be displayed (along with the resulting scroll bar). If I were to publish this report as-is, I expect to be fielding questions about these blank rows and would prefer to avoid this, if possible.

Is there a way to ONLY show rows that contain data on a report?

I have looked through the community responses but have not found anything on this topic. Quite possibly I am not using the right key word(s) to locate a solution. Hope I am missing something simple. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @M McFadden

    How are you adding the Report on to the Dashboard? If you're using the Web Content Widget to show a Published Report, then there is no way to hide the blank rows since those rows exist as a default in the Report item.

    However, you can use a Report Widget in your Dashboard instead. This will only provide the rows with data into the Widget. You may have a blank space below your rows, but it won't show blank rows, so you can make the widget shorter and get rid of the space.

    For example, this Report only has one row of data:

    Will the Report Widget work for you?



  • M McFadden
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    Thank you very much!