In office tracker w/ Calendar view

Michael Macygin
Michael Macygin ✭✭✭
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I'm challenged by trying to come up with a simple, efficient and creative method to create a sheet(s) that I can use to track approximately 20 or so colleagues on what days they'll physically be in the office. We're moving to a 3/2 flexible work schedule that allows you to be remote 2 days of the week.

I'd like it to be Form driven, where a colleague can just pull up a form for the coming week or month and input their planned days in the office. I'm familiar enough with Smartsheet to create the Form from the sheet, I'm just struggling with the most efficient way to get this into a sheet.

I'm hoping to aggregate the data into either one report or dashboard that I can then publish and expose in MS Teams as a viewable calendar that shows which colleague is planning on being in the office on any given weekday within a month.


  • Jason Duryea
    Jason Duryea ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I’d probably collect Name (Contact List), Start Date, Finish Date, Location (drop down).

    Require at least the Start Date and default Finish Date to the same if not filled in. Automation could be used to do this. Add the list of team members to Name contact list field to make selectable on the form. Location drop down could contain a predefined list of Office, Home, Remote or specific office locations if applicable.

    Once the data is in the Sheet, the Calendar view should work to share it with you team either through a website of a Dashboard.

    Just speaking from user point of view, I’m not sure I’d want to have to fill out a form for this purpose. I’ve worked Google Workspace for years and it has shared calendars which can be setup with Teams for this very purpose.

    They’re easily accessed from my own Calendar view without having to go another tool. I can only assume shared calendars are available in Microsoft Teams. Just a suggestion.