How to get a tally of rows fitting relative date criteria (start date within last 30 days etc)?


Hi team,

I have a Smartsheet used to track defects reported for the product I manage, and I need to report on 3 metrics. 2 of these are based on relative dates (sheet includes Start Date and Date Closed columns) and my team hasn't been able to get the formulas parsing properly. I'd appreciate any help or advice!

  1. Total number of open issues (this formula works as intended): =COUNTIF(Status:Status, <>"Complete")
  2. New issues opened within last 30 days (UNPARSEABLE error): =COUNTIFS([Start Date] < TODAY(-30), [Status]<>"Complete")
  3. Issues closed within last 30 days: this should be a similar formula to item 2, but with Date Closed within the last 30 days, and Status equal to Complete.

Thank you in advance for your help!



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