is it possible to create a search form to query existing data in a sheet?

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I have a smartsheet with customer data and I don't want the users accessing the sheet directly. Is it possible to create a form where the user enters a customer id number and the form populates with the customer information from the smartsheet row containing that information.



  • Kelly MooreKelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Steve Cohen

    A form cannot do lookups directly, using a form you would need to couple this with a mechanism (a separate sheet, dashboard, update request, report, etc) that could return the information to the user.

    My work around used a published sheet that was nothing more than a 'lookup page'. I have fields designated for data entry and the result field (Form Data) immediately returns the desired value. I published the sheet to ensure it was open to anyone in the organization. No data is retained on the lookup sheet - there is no need for the user to save the sheet and if they do, I overwrite their info using Change Cell Value/Clear Cell Value. Because of this, only one row is ever used on the sheet. The sheet always opens exactly as shown below with the yellow row being the input row.


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