Copying rows when both sheets have a system column.


Does anyone know how to copy rows from one sheet with an auto number column to another sheet with a different auto number column? I am getting this error in my workflow. But it doesn't make sense that you can't do this and just have the value come over as a regular text/number. Or is there a way to exclude certain columns in the copy? I don't need it in the destination sheet, but I've deleted it and once the first copy happens it automatically puts the column there. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Amanda Merrigan

    Columns need to match across the two sheets - by quantity, name, and type. This means that if you have a System Column in one sheet, it will need to be in the other sheet as well. This is why a column keeps being added in when you delete it out from the destination sheet.

    There currently isn't a way to change a System Column to be a Text/Number column during the transfer, but you can hide the column in your destination sheet if it's not needed.

    More information on expected behaviour when copying rows can be found in this Help Article.