Premium Apps turned ON by default - can you default to OFF?

Answered - Pending Review

By default, when a new account is created, the toggles for our premium apps (dynamic view and data mesh) are in the ON position. We also have User Auto-provisioning set up for our Domain, so if someone creates a free account, they appear to be granted access to those premium apps. So the question is, can those toggles be set to OFF by default to prevent unintentional access?


  • Hi @jeff.pestana46971

    There currently isn't a way to manage Premium App permissions through UAP or to adjust what the default is for each app as new users are automatically added. Please let the Product Team know about your request and scenario by filling in this form, here! I would also recommend discussing this with your Customer Success representative as well.

    In the meantime, there is a way to Bulk update Premium app permissions after the members have been added.



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