Duplicate Columns in Smartsheet Forms


I am using Smartsheet Forms to create a survey. The survey will repeat the same three questions over and over (about 10 times total), just applied to slightly different topics each time. I don't want to have to type out the three questions and associated dropdown menu selections over and over manually. Is there a way to copy them to new columns instead?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @martypen

    There currently isn't a way to select a field in the Form Builder and duplicate it exactly, with the same column properties (or same dropdown selections).

    You would need to manually create each of your fields, then copy/paste over the values to select each time. Please let the Product team know about your feature request and use case by filling in this form, here!

    Since form fields represent the columns in the source sheet, it may be faster to create the columns in the grid of the sheet instead of via the form builder. You can insert 5 columns at a time (select 5 columns, right click, select "insert 5 columns").

    Then double click one new column inserted to edit the Column Properties and copy/paste in the three values: