Links and rows ( Line Item)

Hello all,

I will try to explain my challenge as much as possible and hope to hear back from you on the best practice/recommendation/work around .

We will be using smart sheet on to manage compliance standards introduction to the company .

For clarity I will refer to a row as a line item ie a task to be done and delivered by an assignee.

Some of these line items are linked to other line items ( not in the sense of what comes first or last or what should start first etc) .

For example , Line item "Asset management integration" under Integration is linked with line item " Asset management compliance" under compliance . The task completion is not linked to the completion of either tasks, however they are linked . I cannot use the indent function as they are not necessarily part of the same scope integration vs compliance .

Ideally, I want to get to a point where I can sort through the line items that are linked and identify them.

Please tell me this is doable.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @MGS

    It would be helpful to know how you currently identify if tasks are linked, since they won't be associated by date, user, or scope.

    If it's just simply something you know, then what about adding in a helper column called "Associated Task"? Then you can use a formula to bring in cell information from an earlier or later row, with a simple =[Task Name]3

    This would bring in the task name from row 3 into this current row.

    If this won't work for you, would you be able to create a duplicate copy of your sheet and remove out sensitive information, then post a screen capture of it? Are you currently using dependencies in another way in this project sheet?