Using a Report as a Widget on a Dashboard


Hello, I'm trying to pull in a Report as a widget on my Dashboard, and I've set the widget behavior to "Take No Action". However, I keep getting this pop-up box at the bottom of the widget that you can click on to go to the source report.....but I don't want this pop-up box. How do I get rid of it? I thought by selecting the Take No Action that would remove it, but it's not.

Thanks!! Melissa


  • Glenn McIntyre


    I think it is because you have Collapse Grouped Report toggle to on. I am new to Smartsheet so there may be another issue. I am assuming that due to it being a Report widget is is assuming that you want people to see all elements of the report but want to show a condensed version on the dashboard.

    If all you wanted to do was show the summary data I would create a Metric Widget.