Dashboard is not showing correct past due counts

Hello Team,

I have a metrics sheet to caluculate project status counts and then that count is linked to dashboard. for ex.to caluclate past due task count I use =COUNTIFS({% Complete}, <1, {Finish Date}, <TODAY(), {Parent Row}, =0, {Project Plan - DEMO Range 1}, <>1) in this {Project Plan - DEMO Range 1} is nothing but filtering out strike thorugh tasks. so whenevr there is a change in past due tasks in Project plan, dashboard does not show reflect acurate count. I have to manually need to go to metrcis sheet, refresh it and then it shows on dashboard. since I have many projetcs/metrcis sheets/dashboards this is impossoble to manually refresh everytime to get correct count on dashboard. any alternative or fix for this. thanks for your help.