Automation Copy Row to Another Sheet - Data adjusted but old data still copied to other sheet


I have experienced something weird with Automation of 'Copy Row to Another Sheet'

So I use smartsheet to have people perform stock count of materials once a week.

To achieve this, I create 2 sheets, (1) the list of materials and (2) the Count Sheet. The sheet containing list of materials has automation of 'Copy row to another sheet every week on Wednesday at 1pm' with destination of Count sheet. The operator will then perform stock count every Friday, and fill in the Count sheet.

The problem is, when I made any changes eg. the material number in the sheet containing list of materials, this doesn't get reflected on the Count sheet. So the 'old' data prior to change still shows up on the Count sheet

This looks like a bug, so I deleted the original sheet with list of materials and create a duplicate - I changed the copying time to Thursday at 1pm.

What happens now is that the original data from deleted list of materials sheet still gets copied to the Count sheet on Wednesday 12pm, then on Thursday at 1pm there would be another list copied from the new sheet containing the new materials...

Has anybody experienced similar issue before, or have any idea on how to fix this?

Can we report this somewhere?