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A little bit of context:

I have a central Sheet displaying data and gathering inputs to & from multiple stakeholders via individual reports.

This sheet holds a number of workflows, is fed by several datameshes, etc.

In theory I don't want users to be able to see data from other users.

To do this here is the option I found:

1- Share the overall sheet without notifying them (hoping they don't find out the link & don't go mess up the sheet.. but this is a bit naive)

2- Share a report based on this sheet but filtered on their scope & send them the link to their report. I hope they only use this report to update their records

Problem is: users complain that report isn't user-friendly because they cannot filter

Would you have any recommendation to improve users' experience ?

Maybe you think of a better setup for this project ?




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  • Pierre-Eric Collette
    Pierre-Eric Collette ✭✭✭✭
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    I see what you mean. WorkApps has a dedicated sharing module with groups etc.

    However I couldn't find what i'm looking for: offer filtering capability to the reports I ask my users to use.

    I thought for a moment maybe the WorkApps sharing capability could associate different user rights depending on filters we put to a sheet but I haven't found this capability