How can I spread a duration across days to get an end date that is different than just 8 hours per?


Hi...I want to be able to have my duration and end date be independent. For example, if I have a task that starts on 11/1 and will take 16 man-hours but we are going to spread those man-hours across 4 days (4 hours per), I want my end date to be 11/5. Automatically, when I put in 16 hour duration, I get 11/3. If I change the end date to 11/5, it bumps up my duration to 32 hours. Neither of those is correct. I want 16 hours starting on 11/1 but with an end date of 11/5. Is that possible?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @ndgrad95

    If you know your entire Project Sheet will always have a set timeframe of 4/hrs per work day, then you can apply this work schedule to the sheet by adjusting the Project Settings.

    See: Modify Project Settings

    However if you are only wanting to adjust the working hours for those specific days, you will want to create a hierarchy with the Parent task being the overall task and each Child Row beneath represents one day of 4hrs work, like so:

    The Parent Task will show the earliest Start Date of the Child rows and the Latest End Date of the Child Rows, with the total duration of 4.5 days, whereas each child will identify the number of hours per-day. See: Parent Rollup Functionality