Folder (or workspace) best setup/practices

Looking for input on folder setup best practices. I have a large build where the process all centers around one main sheet and it's data. We'll call it Contracts. Data is added via form/intake process. Then various roles use/reference/add/update data on that sheet in various columns with reports and dashboards etc. Data is pushed to/from for calculating and managing while referencing totals from/to that sheet.

Various reports/dashboards will be looking at this sheet. Project Level, Program level and Portfolilo level.

Question: Is there a way that the PM level can REF values to and from that sheet with formulas on their sheets without the user ever seeing and or being able to go into that sheet? I know I can share the workspace to the PM group as a viewer, then share the PM sheets as an editor.. but there are some columns on that main sheet that I don't want the PM to even see let alone edit. Example: Contract is added to the sheet (row). Comptroller sets % profit. The non profit value (Contract value - profit) is sent via REF to the PM to use. All values go to C level reports. BUT I don't want the PM to even be able to view/see or know about the profit %'s set by the comptroller.

Any thoughts appreciated.


  • Christina09
    Christina09 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Will you consider using workapp?

    With WorkApps, you can create dynamic applications to help coworkers and stakeholders easily access and review Smartsheet content such as sheets, reports, forms, dashboards, and external content like Tableau dashboards or Google Docs that streamline your work and simplify collaboration.

    You can manage stakeholder permissions to each item within the app, helping them stay organized with the most relevant content and information. You can personalize the app with your company’s branding.

  • Speigel
    Speigel ✭✭

    @Christina Lam Thanks for Responding. Workapp might be something we consider down the road. Currently we're going to stick to what can/can't be done within our Business Level plan.