Update Request using a Form

I am creating a SmartSheet that we will load specific rows to it. I then would alert the contact of their row via Alert Someone workflow. Then the person would have to update a couple of columns/fields in the Smartsheet. Here is my problem:

  1. The Update feature doesn't give you an option (that I know of) of formatting the fields like a Form does. So, for example, if my column is called "Information is Accurate," I would like to be able to format the Update notification to replace "information is accurate" with "Is the information on this company accurate" to provide clarity to the user - as you do on a Form.
  2. When using a form, it adds new and does not necessarily update the correct row/cell.

I have set up a different sheet for my intake form (since it only adds new records) and used VLOOKUP to reference it to my master Smartsheet. However, that creates other issues. The Alert Notification is still coming from my master because the information is loaded there - giving the recipients access to the master sheet.

I read that I can use a crucial identifier to use a Form to Update rows. Has anyone been successful with this and can share how to set it up?

Thank you!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @MFelix

    It does sound like an Update Request workflow would be best for your scenario. You are correct that you cannot customize the field names like you can in a Form (please submit your feedback to the Product team through this form, here!). And yes, form submissions will always create new rows in the Sheet, versus updating current rows.

    I would suggest still using the Update Request but change your column name to be more clear. Then make sure you are only sending links to sheet and specific fields in the Request so they cannot see the columns in your main sheet that you want hidden. (See: Customize the content of your alerts and requests)



  • I agree! Having the ability to customize the forms in an update request is critical from our user experience. Our column headers are fine for general awareness the helper text has more context so people can review and respond correctly. Even having the ability where the help text is included in the update request workflow automation would get us closer to what we need.

  • Rich N
    Rich N ✭✭

    I also need the ability and customization and help fields that Forms provide. Update requests don’t allow pre-populated fields, help text or the easy rearranging or logic that Forms has.

    my need is so great for this I’m going to test creating forms to feed into a different sheet and then pull fields from the response sheet to the master sheet.

    A very clunky workaround for what should be a critical feature.