How to sort by form submission entry time?



I am currently working on a Site Inspection Log with thousands of entries or rows. It is being filled by a custom form. One of the editors sorted by a column and saved the sheet. Unfortunatly, an automated or fumula ID column was not created to return to the original sorting order prior to this

Is there a way to sort the Date Submission column by the Form Submission Entry Time?

Note: The Inspector column 'View Cell History' propoerty shows the Submission Entry Time (highlited in Yellow in the attached image).



  • Hayley B
    Hayley B ✭✭✭

    Hi C!

    If you add the column type Auto-Number/System there is an option for Created. Choose this and it will show when the form was submitted, i/.e. the row populated.

    You can then sort by this column.