Trying to create a Request System for 5 departments


I am currently using the Request Management Template set and I have questions and would HAPPILY accept all assistance!

I need a dashboard for the overall office that has links to 5 other dashboards. On those 5 dashboards, each needs forms embedded into the dashboard that can be used by our external colleagues to request tasks. Those forms need to pull into a request queue in a sheet that can be managed by each dept's team.

I have created a few forms for trial and error that pull into a sheet that I think will work for my team of 3 people to manage our request queue. But, I have not figured out how to link the overall dashboard to the next 5 and then the forms on those dashboards.

I could use some step by step assistance with this. I also am not sure the best category to make the 'primary column' on the sheet.

Thank you in advance for any help!