Is it possible to create a view of a record from a Smartsheet table?

From a Smartsheet (that is populated by a form):.

Can a report of form be built that would display one record (row) of the Smartsheet in a readable format? 

Perhaps by choosing the row number or another unique field?

If this IS possible, is it also possible to fill in fields that are blank from the report or form?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi CarolAnn,

    Yes, this is possible in either way! It depends on your current set-up and end goal.

    You could either have a formula that checks just one box (ex. on the most recently submitted row) and then have a Report which pulls only that one Row. Then you can add information in a Report and it will automatically update the source sheet.

    The other alternative would be to send an Update Request. You can either do that manually (choosing a row and sending it to a specific email address) or through an automation. In either case, you can specify what fields the Update Request contains, and if you lock columns this will restrict edits in certain cells, too.

    Here are some resources to help you build out either option:

    If you still need help, it would be useful to see a screen capture of your underlying sheet (but block out sensitive data or use dummy data), and a description of what you want this one row to do, or what it's used for.