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Why in the article on Sharing Permission Levels does it say there is a commenter permission in reports but that option is not available when I go to share it? I thought I might need to give this permission at the sheet level first,  I tried this but I still do not see the option to share the report as a commenter.

I do not want these commenters to have full access to the data in the sheet only access to the report summary, they do not need to edit any data but should be able to see the data, add comments and upload a file.  Without this commenter permission level in reports if I give them a viewer permission in the report is there any workaround where they would have the ability to add comments and upload files?



  • Wolfram
    Wolfram ✭✭

    Hi @MMiles

    You could create a sheet that has the exact same data as your original sheet, then hide and lock the columns you don't want to share, then share that sheet with the Commenter option.

    You can set up an automation that will automatically copy rows from sheet A to sheet B as they are added or changed.

    I know this doesn't answer your question exactly but it's what I did in a similar situation.



  • MMiles
    MMiles ✭✭✭
    edited 11/02/21

    Thank you Wolfram, good suggestion but this would not work for my needs. Sheets does not have the same filter functionality like reports where you can create a customized filter to show specific data by selecting current user. The original sheet is a large target account list by market and under that market there are several different branches that should only see accounts that fall under their branches.