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Matt Stewart
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I've used a template (non-control center) where my master sheet was the same as the intake sheet, so I was able to add new projects, manually duplicate the project plan folder, relink things manually, and then have the project plan and master sheet talk to each other. This meant some data originated on project plan and rolled up to master sheet, while other data rolled down from master sheet to project plan. This allowed the exec team to control high level project data from master sheet based on visibility to rolled up data from the project plans. And as we made those changes, the team working at task level on project plans would see those updates that may affect their work.

However now that we have Control Center and are in the design phase of this new system, we are faced with 3 problems:

  1. Master Sheet and Intake sheet can not be same sheet, must have 2 separate sheets
  2. Master sheet can not push data down to project plans
  3. Intake sheet can not see data from project plans

Is this true? If so, how do we make high level decisions based on data from project plan rollups that affect our decisions that push other directions down to task levels? Currently it means we have to view master sheet to discuss plan, then open a second window to view intake sheet and find project to make updates/decisions.

This is not a great solution when dealing with 100's of projects which I thought is where Control; Center excelled at? Or are we not understanding this?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Matt Stewart

    The way to link fields and sync your process will depend on what your set up is like and what you mean by a Master Sheet. I would use the Intake sheet for the determining process and approve it there... then use the Summary sheet to track the progress. Any updates made after the Intake should be applied directly to the individual Project.

    This would likely be much easier to talk through via a screen share; I would recommend booking a Pro Desk Session under the Control Center category (which can be up to 90 minutes) here: